Well-Being Hack: Eucalyptus Shower

I have been getting a ton of questions about eucalyptus showers after I posted a story on my shower setup via Instagram.

To get straight to the point:

Eucalyptus Shower Guide


If you suffer from any upper respiratory issues—allergies, nasal congestion, asthma,  inflammation or just simply want to destress and turn your bathroom into an herbal oasis then this is for you.

Steam from your shower releases the essential oils within the eucalyptus into the air. While you are in the shower you can breathe in the steam and break up the mucus within your body. Even if you aren’t sick or have no troubles with breathing, this hack is sure to help clear your mind.


What you need:

1-2 bunches of eucalyptus (Trader Joe’s, farmers market or your local flower shop)

Twine (using a rubber band works fine, just get it together and up!)

Something to roll the eucalyptus (I use a bottle of wine or any liquor I may have, you can use a rolling pin etc)


How to:

1. Use your roller and roll over the eucalyptus bunch to awaken and release the essential oils. (You can smell it as it is released.)

2. Take the twine and wrap it around your eucalyptus bunch at base. Make sure you wrap it snug so the bunches won’t fall in the shower. Leave enough loose twine after wrapping so you can wrap that around your shower head.

3. Using the remaining lose end of the twine, wrap it around your shower head. Position the eucalyptus behind the stream of water but not directly in the stream.

When you are ready to shower, simply turn on the shower and let it heat up as the steam works with the eucalyptus to open you up.

The eucalyptus will last in your shower up to 1.5 weeks before it is time to replace again.

Other variations I often use is adding baby’s breath with the eucalyptus bunch which is also good for inflammation and purifying the air around you. Dried lavender is also good which helps to calm your nerves, relieve stress and help you sleep better.

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