Scheduling for a Less Painful Wax

Do you properly plan your wax appointments? Most of us just see we need to get waxed, set appointment and go. Some manage to carve out time and go every 4-6 weeks—like clock work. But did you know there is a timeframe to go that depends on your body so that you can experience less pain? (I said less pain, not no pain.)

The best time to get a wax: 1-2 weeks before your period or 5 days after your period for less pain. Or you can get waxed 1 week after your period for less pain and to remove more hair during the anagen phase of your hair growth cycle.

During the anagen phase, your hair is still actively growing from the bulb and still attached to the follicle. Waxing during this time gives you smoother and longer lasting results.

(Need help determining period dates? Check out this post for accuracy.)

What’s going on: During your period, your skin is extremely sensitive. So on top of having to deal with swollen and sensitive boobs, mixed feelings, cramps and that period pimple…don’t add a bikini wax to the mix.

Do you plan out your wax day? On a scale of 1 to 10—5 being a basket hitting the back of your ankle, how painful is your wax day?

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