What A Year. 2018 NYE. Welcoming 2019

As we wrap up another 365.25 days around the sun —we reflect on goals we have set and new ones to set. Did I do anything I said I was gone do? Did I adopt change? Get rid of a bad habit? Do you love this shit? Do you ever get nervous?

As with myself I would rate my ‘Got Shit Done 2018’ at 45%. I slacked in areas I know that I would’ve, could’ve and should’ve improved in. Like me here, my last post was 3 months ago. Whether you have weight loss plans or plans to work on your patience or save money—start it. The hardest part of any task is simply starting.

I started implementing what I wanted for me weeks ago, that way when the New Year started I would have already developed a routine.

Here are a few things I have already begun that I plan to continue with for the New Year:


Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R)

During my early school years (elementary), for about 30-45 mins a day—the announcements would come on and announce it is now D.E.A.R time. That meant whatever we was working on in class would stop and the entire school would be reading for up to 45-minutes. It wasn’t lecture based or homework assignments or practicing for standardized test. We would all have a book from our schools’ library— whether it was fiction or non-fiction and we would begin reading. Though I haven’t thought of D.E.A.R for years, I’ve decided to bring it back! Every night I dedicate at least 45-minutes to reading a book. I continuously build up my personal library and the book I decided to lead my 2019 with is Becoming Michelle Obama.



“Write your goals down, what you expect from them?” 

Writing down my goals and creating milestone completion dates is something I have begun to do for my 2019 planning. My approach is to do a little at a time and work up until my goal is reached. Looking at your goal daily is one thing—but taking the necessary steps needed to complete it is another. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to push to complete a goal. Instead, break your goal down into smaller task—goal steps, and complete that. Organization and a planner can help you make sure you are hitting those key dates.



“While you’re sleeping on your ideas, someone else stayed awake.”

This year I let procrastination kick my ass. I have several friends where I share business ideas with and ways of attaining multiple streams of income. I think outside, in, on-top and underneath the box—so I’m always texting my friends’ ideas I have. This pass year I sat on ideas and never went pass the planning stage. I’ve watched ideas I have discussed with friends get crowdfunding, angel investors or whatever the hell they needed to take off. DO THAT SHIT! This year, if you have an idea—push it. Even if it’s already done, work on yours—it may be better. One of my favorite books I’m revisiting this year, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing—is going to help me on implementing some of those ideas I slept on.



Health is wealth. You can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor if you are not properly taking care of yourself— mentally and physically. Use your PTO for mental health breaks from work. Try out a therapist. Spend time outdoors alone with nature reflecting on life. Cry if you must. I promise, no amount of grinding is worth your health. I’ve started doing small things like meditating for 5 minutes and building up from there and practicing a few new yoga poses daily. I found a good multi-vitamin that my body can agree with and I’ve started incorporating collagen into my daily routine. Small steps can make a world of difference.


Share your 2019 affirmations and goals below. I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year and I thank you for taking the time to read by.Obiageli!

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